Friday, May 10, 2013


Kellogg IA (Low 44 Clouds Giving Way to Sun High 62)

Continuing our tour of Pella Iowa. We visited the Vermeer Mill which is a replica of an 1850s mill built in 2001 and erected in 2002. The 1850s design was selected since that is when Pella was founded.

The upper part of the mill was manufactured in the Netherlands. It is the tallest working city mill in the United States; 12 stories high, 124 feet from ground to blade tip. The cap is built on a brick foundation 40 feet above the ground and above the town's other buildings to catch the wind. We didn't get a good photo of just the cap so we got this one from the internet.

The view from the deck towards the square is pretty cool.

The cap turns 360 degrees to put the blades into the winds and operates totally on wind power to grind wheat which you can buy in 2 pound packages in the gift shop. The blades turn counterclockwise while the wind turbines you see today turn clockwise. There is a good reason for that. Canvas is attached to the blade to catch the wind. The canvas is added by climbing the blade, since most are right handed the canvas is attached on the right side while holding to the blade with your left hand. A rope is used for the left side of the canvas. On our tour the canvas was pulled back to show the blade, you can see the clips on the right side of the canvas.

The interior of the mill showing the gears and construction is really neat.

The three ton stones used for grinding the wheat are incredibly balanced. You are able to lift the top stone by just using one finger.

One of the levels is a re-creation of a miller's quarters, the miller being the caretaker of the mill. Believe it or not the first photo is the bed.

This is a really unexpected treat of our tour of Pella.

We are heading to Clear Lake Iowa today where it should be mostly sunny and a high of 62. We will catch up on our visit to Pella from there.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo

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