Thursday, April 25, 2013


Peculiar MO (Low 33 Mostly Sunny and Warmer High 65)

Just a quick note to say we did the outdoor prep tasks yesterday and it was quite a chore de-winterizing. If winterizing to live in your RV for the winter requires more than 3 rolls of duct tape - you might be a Redneck :-)

We are proud rednecks but it sure was a lot of duct tape as shown in this picture.

We were surprised that the water hose still looked good but the sewer hose looked pretty bad and we threw it away along with a big trash can full of foam and a lot of duct tape. We bought new sewer hose and a new water hose which we will use at Waukee when we get there later today.

Should be a good travel day and it will be sunny and the high 50s when we get there.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo



  1. I am just so happy you guys finally get to move on. I know what it's like to pack up to move after sitting for a couple of months and that's not winterizing anything. Safe travels.

  2. Just found your blog and many helpful tips. We are starting the process of getting ready to retire in about 1 1/2 years. Any advice for someone starting the process, new to "rving", and wanting to travel in a trailer with a cat?

    1. We were "new" to full-timing and new to "rv'ng" when we started almost 4 years ago with 3 cats. What worked for us was to make the life style as close to home as possible. Get a floorplan you like with a shower you can use, you don't grab your towels and walk across the street when you are at home do you :-)

      Other tips and gadgets:
      - oxygenics body spa showerhead, a must
      - go less than 200 miles per day and stay for awhile at each place, unless you absolutely have to be somewhere fast. Slow down and enjoy.
      - small town museums are sometimes the best thing you will ever see.
      - get a very good water pressure regulator, one that you can adjust, not the cheap ones

      Enjoy the lifestyle,

  3. Glad you are on the road again. Hope you don't have to go through another winter like this last one.