Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I Dream of "Genie"

Peculiar MO (Low 25 Mostly Sunny High 40)

The first step in solving any problem is admitting you have a problem. Well, we have a problem; we are TV junkies, we watch way too much TV. That being said we recently upgraded to the new Genie DVR from DirecTV and we have to say we like it.

Some of the features we like:

- 5 programs at 1 time, already have a time when 7 programs are needed. Luckily some of these programs are not on network stations and they repeat during the week.
- Genie client in the bedroom that has the full functionality of a DVR and the ability to watch and program shows on the main Genie DVR in the living room
- 1 terabyte of storage. When we went from our cable DVR a few years ago to the regular DirecTV DVR we were amazed at how much program storage that DVR had, and this DVR has even more. The 1 terabyte number just amazes me. Now this has been a number of years ago but when our company got a robotic offline mass storage unit the initial buy was for 14 terabytes and it was very expensive. Now PCs and DVRs have 1 terabyte storage, simply amazing.
- ability to have 100 series programs. Our old DVR had a limit of 50 and we were constantly having to manage that. Deleting old programs after the finale so that another program can be added happened way too often. We still have a couple to add but right now we are sitting at 55 series programs.
- ability to program in the future past the 2 weeks of programming in the guide for some programs. For example 'America's Got Talent' starts June 4th but Bob was still able to program the series.
- Picture in a Picture (PIP) is provided by Genie.

Even though we know we watch way too much TV we probably won't be changing anytime soon, it sure came in handy during our winter storms that is for sure. We will say that although we do watch a lot we still have avoided watching 'Duck Dynasty'.

For those old television watchers like us, I Dream of "Genie" - get it :-)

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. 10 programs at one time. We can barely find 2 at any given time.

    I get it...hehe

  2. I'm a TV junkie too but the only thing we have is an antenna. I've refused to ever have cable my entire life and I'm not ready to give in yet. Lots of pluses to that Genie from reading your post. Jim thought "she" would be a good addition to our family after watching the commercial. I told him NO. LOL