Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Leased a Propane Tank

Peculiar MO (Brilliant sunshine and milder, High 52 Low 24)

Due to Bob's surgery he will not be able to lift our 30 gallon propane tanks and with Jo's back she would not be able either so we leased a 100 gallon propane tank.

It is full now and hooked up, all we have to do is monitor the gauge and when it gets close to 20% full the propane company will come and fill it back up. We are glad we got it done before Bob's surgery which was on Wednesday, October 17th.

While recovering we have had some interesting visitors to our backyard bird feeders. We think this is a downey woodpecker (waiting on Judy to confirm :-)

On a side note somewhat medically related, we got our insurance rates for next year and we thought rates would be going down but instead it went up 39%.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. I was so thankful for the neighbors when Jim had his surgery because they lifted the filled propane tank for me. I could lift the empty one into the truck to go get the propane, but no way could I lift the 30# filled. Smart idea for you guys to get that extended stay tank. Insurance prices are getting really bad.

  2. No dear 39% is pretty high. Ours went up about 4%. Hope Bob is getting along better ever day.

  3. We got a tank just like that. I had ours put on the driver side in case we need to get out and go. Just hope the weather holds good for us.