Friday, July 13, 2012

Tip - for picking your next stop

We had another "Grand Marais Day" yesterday, Bob did some adjustments on the doorside slide which had been making more noise than it should. After a walk to town for breakfast and the slide repair the rest of the day was relaxation; reading and enjoying the scenery and weather. So we thought we would share a tip on how we try and find the great weather, especially in the summer.

Before we started full-timing we would be asked where will you go, how will we know where you are at? Our answer was the same, we told them to look at a national weather map and find the 70 degree band, we will be somewhere in that band.

During the summer that means a limited number of areas; close to the Great Lakes, along the coast of Maine, along the coast of California, Oregon and Washington, higher elevations of Colorado, etc. The tip we have is a great site that has a vacation planner. You enter the temperature range that you want and it searches historical averages and provides you a list of towns that match your criteria. The web site is Weatherbase 

where you click on Vacation Finder and select a month, 

here July is selected and no higher than 75.

Then you select a region.

Here are the listing for the United States.

Pretty neat site that has helped up find cool temperatures and hopefully allow us to stay in the 70s year round. A word of caution when using the site is that sometimes the mapping feature is out of whack, just like your GPS sometimes. For example Grand Marais Minnesota does not show up as a good place for the summer since its mapping feature has it way inland. Lutsen which is about 20 miles south of here does as does Grand Portage about 40 miles north so we knew Grand Marais had to have good weather.

Hope this helps keep you cool! Or whatever temperature you want to be.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. Great tool. Especially for looking several months ahead when you don't know what the weather is usually like.

  2. I'm not sure that averages are going to work this summer. But I'm going over there to check it out. Cooler weather for us the next few days - yippee!!

  3. Wow...never heard of this site Thanks for sharing.

  4. Great site. Thanks for sharing. Of course, our problem seems to be that, wherever we go, we experience "unseasonable" weather!