Thursday, February 16, 2012

Full-timing is a numbers game

Continuing the full-timing theme which we started in our last posting, "To full-time or not to full-time" we got to thinking that full-timing is really a numbers game. By now you have heard the old adage that the RV can entertain 6, feed 4 and sleep 2, well that got us thinking. Since this not a sightseeing post there will be no pictures.

Living in an RV full-time is a numbers game. Having items that can accomplish multiple things allows you to pack more of the stuff you need to really make this lifestyle just like living at home but a home where you park it.

The key number for full-timing has to be 'multiple', we know not really a number but if you can take things with you that can perform multiple duties then you begin ahead of the game. First on that list has to be Dawn Detergent which can be used for dishes, black tank maintenance and makes a great addition to your presoak arsenal for laundry. Second on the list has to be our Cuisinart Griddler which we use to make pancakes, paninis, and a flattop grill for bacon and eggs. Finally, no RV or home should be without a crock pot which can be used for soups, casseroles, meat dishes and desserts.

For a lot of reasons though the all time favorite number with respect to full-timing has to be "2".

After over two years of full-timing we have come to realize that "2" works real well in the wardrobe department. Come to think of it maybe it is only Bob that feels "2" is a good wardrobe number : ) He has two pairs of jeans, one that he wears until way past it should be washed and so it goes into the laundry. Then he wears the other pair way too long to. This goes for dress pants, dress shorts, and bum around shorts. He has "2" pairs of tennis shoes but for different reasons. One pair is for when it is wet outside and he needs to take them off immediately while the other pair is for inside and nice weather.

"2" also works for the pantry. Face it there are some things you just don't want to run out of but you also can't store "2" of everything. This pantry system makes sense for items that you use everyday like Kleenex, distilled water and toothpaste and other item that are used daily and can justify the space they take up.

Other nnumbers of note:

200 - we like to travel about 200 miles each day. When we started out we thought our target would be 250 but have come to like the shorter trips.

65 - when traveling our maximum speed is 65 mph for a lot of reasons but mainly for the tires, 65 mph is the safe speed for the load that we are towing.

10-2 - and we don't mean Dr. Pepper. On travel days we like to leave about 10a and arrive at our destination by 2p avoiding rush hour traffic.

30 - we would like 30 minutes notice for guests, with three cats some dehairing is always needed.

So as you can see "2" has worked real well for us and is our favorite full-timing number, even if we have "2" cats too many. But the best overall use of "2" comes when we are asked this question, 'how many people does your RV sleep', we smile and answer that it sleeps "2"!

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. I haven't mastered the number 2 in the clothing and shoe department, and I doubt that I ever will. :)

  2. When e went our lst trip, which was our first one where we were gone for more than a week, I tried to pack as if we were full timing. My conclusion was that I need to pack many more clothes than I did. We dry camped at a rally for five days and because we don't have a car I was unable to get to a laundry. Both my husband and I like to wear clean clothes each day. We may be able to skip a few showers, but clean socks and pants are a must. I would like to not HAVE to find a laundry every few days!

  3. I will continue to read your posts, but I am seriously considering not leaving any more comments on your posts. It was hard enough when I had to descramble one word, but now that blogger is asking for two it might be too much trouble unless I feel my comment is very important.

  4. Enjoyed your posts on full-timing, sure some good points to consider.