Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Our Snowbird Code of Conduct

Arizona loves our money as snowbirders but always seem to work in a complaint or three; bad drivers, too much traffic, not liking the constant smile on our faces, etc.

There is a 'Code of Conduct' for a lot of things; overnight stays in parking lots, pickup after your pets, etc., so we have adopted a 'Snowbird Code of Conduct' that we hope will counter some of this negativity. We always:
- drive during the day during the week; we'll leave rush hour and the weekend to the locals.
- eat out for breakfast or lunch during the day during the week; we'll leave the happy hours to the locals because it is hard to be happier than retired and living in a nice warm place for the winter. We also rarely eat out for the evening meal because we don't like to drive after dark.
- shop at Wal-Mart, Target, and grocery stores during the day during the week and never before a big holiday; we'll leave the big crowds and long lines to the locals in the evening hours and weekends.
- go to movies during the day during the week; a few times we have been the only people in our movie of choice.
- go sightseeing during the day during the week; generally not a problem because the locals never see the sights where they live anyway.

And finally, we always:
- have a smile on our face; it is easy in this lifestyle so what if it is one of their complaints.

We realize that if you are still working and driving in rush hour traffic, waiting in line to eat, suffering long checkup lines at Wal-Mart that you need something to complain about. With our 'Snowbird Code of Conduct' we know they are not complaining about us.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. We've never been to Q during the season so I found this interesting. I guess I assumed the locals would all be delighted to have all the additional business but I can see where that might not always be the case. Good 'code of conduct' but are you serious about the smiles?!?!? Does that really upset some locals?

  2. I love your Snowbird Code of Conduct. That's pretty much what we try to do too. had enough of crowds, lines and traffic jams when we were working. So happy we don't have to do that any more.

    Mike and Dee

  3. That code is not only good for the locals, it saves you hassles also:)

  4. We try to live by that code also. I know when I worked in DC that the tourists always messed up the commute and eating out was impossible day or night. So we try to behave ourselves.