Friday, February 18, 2011

Abuelo's and Phoenix RV Show

One way we get restaurant recommendations is from our friends and Abuelo's was mentioned by more than one as a good place to eat. Even though there is a location in the greater KC area we somehow did not find the time to eat there until we were on the road, funny how that works.

As mentioned previously we recently ate at Abuelo's and loved it. We had to eat at it a few more times before we could recommend it though. We have a rule of three, if we go to a place three times in a row and it is good every time and we want to go back then we feel like we can recommend it. Well we have eaten at Abuelo's many more than three times and really like it. When we mentioned to some friends who had recommended Abuelo's how much we liked it they said they have quit eating there because to them it has gone downhill. Well if what we have eaten is less than before then it must have been really good back in the day. Everything we have gotten there has been good with some standouts like the chile relleno and the spinach quesadilla.

After dining we went to the Greater Phoenix RV Show. The best that can be said about this show is that it is free, free parking and free admission. There were not as many units as we thought there would be but that was fine as we were picky as to which ones we toured. Saw some really nice rigs but none that made us want to trade. We were kind of disappointed because we saw Carriage on the list of vendors that was supposed to be represented but there were none to be found. All in all a very enjoyable day of dining and sightseeing.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo

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