Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Time can get away from you

Time is relative, we do not care what anybody says. When were were kids the three months of summer vacation flew by but it was forever from one Christmas to the next. When we were working and as we got older time started to speed up. Then we retired and it sped up again but time really went into warp speed once we started full-timing.

Because time can get away from you when it is traveling so fast we are glad Bob is still task oriented. We got to think about this when we wished some friends of ours a happy anniversary and the friend replied we must have had that on our task list. Those that know may be surprised when they hear that it was not on his task list he just happened to see the event on his calendar. We thought about it more when Bob recently scheduled all the maintenance items for this new year.

What he uses the task list for is mainly the recurring maintenance items like the once monthly 'exercising' of the generator and the checking of the smoke and LP/CO detectors. When it comes due on the task list Bob swears that it was just done last week but that would be incorrect. Maintenance items that happen every three months like cleaning the refrigerator and water heater vented areas at first thought were just last month until the task list is checked.

Without the task list maintenance items that need to be done regularly would be done less frequently so the lesson learned is that there always is a place for a task list and calendar even when you are retired and full-timing.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo

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  1. Now, if I would just pay closer attention to my task list, everything would be just about perfect! :)