Monday, July 12, 2010

You gotta try this!

We know we have not blogged for awhile but things have not changed too much for us. We are still in Peculiar MO in the Kansas City area. Our next big blog entry will probably be about the Phoenix area and it will be a big post and lots of pictures on Flickr since we spent a month and a half there.

What you have to try is the Memphis Chicken at Bob Evans. We know that some of our readers don't like chain restaurants but what they fail to realize is that the chain restaurants started out small and grew bigger because the food was good. We are not the diehard BBQ police either as we don't care how the preparation is, dry rub or wet rub, hickory or mesquite, etc. nor do we care if a chain restaurant, basically our mantra is if the food is good we go.

For a limited time Memphis Chicken is available at Bob Evans. You can get $1 off the regular price on Monday for what they call Memphis Mondays. We have been there for the last two Mondays, that is how good it is. As good as the chicken is Memphis Chicken is served with some of the best mac-n-cheese and sweet potato fries we have ever had. The portions are also huge, both times the two piece meal was both breasts. The first time we ate there we swear the breasts were from a Capon or a very large Cornish Cross. Needless to say we get at least two meals out of each order.

For those interested Capons are castrated roosters that are allowed to grow to almost turkey size and have very tender, flavorful meat. Bob used to raise Cornish Cross chickens when he was a youngster because they are so versatile. At 2-3 pounds they become the cornish hens you buy in the store. At 8 weeks you can butcher them as fryers at between 4 and 6 pounds. If you wait until 12-13 weeks they will weigh about 10-12 pounds. Then hens are great egg layers too, for about 6 months straight 48 hens layed 49 eggs a day we kid you not.

We also found out a tidbit about chain restaurants that we did not know. About 5 years ago Bob Evans bought the Mimi's chain which we also like to eat at, especially for breakfast. The midwest is the dividing line so far, Mimi's are found west of here and Bob Evans are found east of here. The Kansas City area is one lucky area where you can eat at both places but head first to Bob Evans if you like chicken and BBQ because you gotta try this and it is only available for a limited time.

Till next time,

Bob & Jo

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