Friday, March 26, 2010

Deming, New Mexico 2010 Stopover

We spent a week in Deming NM at the Escapees Dream Catcher RV Park on our trek to the Phoenix area. The day after our arrival we went to one of the best small town museums we have ever seen. It was the Luna Mimbres Museum in downtown Deming. We got through only about 1/2 the museum and luckily for us that included the pottery collection of the Mimbres Indians who lived in the nearby valley between 950 A.D. to 1250 A.D. Nobody knows for sure what happened to the Mimbres but they left an incredible amount of pottery and this is one of the best collections in the world. We also saw one of the best rock collections we have seen, actually a world-class exhibit of Thundereggs, Geodes, and Nodules.

The next day we went to Columbus NM and visited the site of the last armed invasion of the United States, the 1916 Pancho Villa raid. We stopped first at the Pancho Villa State Park which was the military post there and where a lot of the fighting took place. The visitors center had a lot of exhibits detailing the life in Columbus at the time and the battle. There was a neat film there. We then went to the Depot Museum in the old train Depot where we saw another neat film and a lot more exhibits and displays. On the way back we drove through Spring Canyon State Park which was scenic.

Just across the border from Columbus is Palomas Mexico. We had been to Mexico before and it just did not appeal to us but people at the RV Park mentioned they were going to Palomas so it got us thinking. What sealed the deal was one of the volunteers at the Depot Museum in Columbus said they were taking their lunch break in Mexico and eating at the Pink Store. If someone who lived in the area would do that we decided we could too.

We are so glad that we did! We stopped in the Pink Store and talked to a lady from Las Cruces NM who had just eaten at the Pink Store after getting dental work done. She was with a group that had done the same thing and was going to shop at the Pink Store and then hit the Pharmacy. She raved about eating at the Pink Store and she was right, more on that later. Las Cruces is over 90 miles one way from Palomas so we were feeling more confident.

We first decided to hit the Pharmacy since we weren't quite hungry yet. We were directed to the Farmacia Express where we got some of our medications at incredible prices. We then went to the Pink Store and did some browsing. We ended up buying a purse and earrings for Jo and Mexican vanilla. We then ate at the Pink Store and it was wonderful. Jo got the tostada trio which she said was as good as she has had anywhere. Bob got the chile relleno which was good. Definitely a place we will visit again.

We then crossed the border and just in case we did not say prescriptions or medications along with the other shopping but said 'drugs' instead Jo hung back a little so she could bail Bob out of jail if need be :-)

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Bob & Jo

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