Monday, July 13, 2009

Update on Progress to Full-timing Part 9

Although we still have a few things to work on before the house is shown by Realtors we have taken a some huge steps in our progress towards full-timing. We have finished everything that needed to be done before we called the two couples who already expressed an interest in the house. Well we have called them, one couple said they would like to see the house and we will try and set that up early this week and one couple said no that the thought of a move was too overwhelming so no.

Achieving this milestone made us realize it was time to pick out our new home. After an exhaustive search of units already at dealers determined that none of those had the options that we needed, especially dual pane windows and extra insulation since we will be full-timing, we have decided to order a brand new unit. Dual pane windoews and extra insulation have to be done at the factory and usually are only put on units that are ordered. We have selected a 2010 Carriage Cameo F35SB3. For 2010 Carriage has made options we were going to buy anyway standard with the Cameo and with no price increase a 2010 could be cheaper than a comparably optioned 2009 so we are happy about that. We are currently getting bids from 4 dealers and will choose the dealer this week that provides the lowest cost for our new home delivered to an RV park near here. We will not be getting our tow vehicle, a Ford F-35o dually diesel, until our home sells. A couple of the dealers are a fair distance away but are very competitive in their pricing so this should be interesting considering the added cost to deliver the unit. We plan to live in our new home while the Realtors are showing our old home. We are low maintenance people and the hassle of keeping the place clean and not worrying about the cats getting out if we are not there. Plus we figure it would be best for prospective buyer to not see liter boxes and wonder about pet odors, etc. Ordering a unit instead of getting one off of the lot that takes 6-8 weeks may force us to live here for awhile, but hopefully only a short while.

While all this has been going on we have compiled our list of Realtors and will begin calling them this week to setup appointments. We also want to talk to one Auction company and explore that possibility. Depending on what advice the Realtors offering for further staging, or for the need for professional staging, will determine when the house goes on the market.

We do have to correct an earlier posting, the one dealing with the end of an era for airline flights. We have a trip planned to Denver in mid-September that we originally thought was going to be after we were full-timing and more importantly after Bob had some experience driving the rig. Since it took longer than expected to get the house on the market we will not have the tow vehicle by mid-September so we are taking good ole Southwest to Denver and staying in the Hampton Inn.

Since we are in a mad dash to get the house sold and our new house ordered we can now guarantee that any travel related posts (Albuquerque, Clearwater Beach, etc.) will be after we move into the 5er.

Till next time,

Bob & Jo

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