Friday, July 25, 2014


Currently in Bothell WA (Low 52 Partly Sunny High 72) 

We know we are always extolling the virtues of living fulltime in our Cameo and traveling this great country. We do blog about the mechanical issues we sometimes run into which is normal considering our home is on wheels and travels 65 miles an hour down bumpy roads. But there are a few other issues with the lifestyle.

The weather is a big issue that for the most part you cannot control. Here is a photo 'borrowed' from Merikay's blog that we just love showing the weather. It is from their time in Nebraska, we try to only visit the Midwest in the fall to avoid scenes like this.

The last couple of days it rained all day, and we only had about 4 hours of sunshine the entire week we were in Long Beach Washington. The walls start getting closer and closer when you have to be inside all day. There are things that you can do, like yesterday we went to a movie that we will blog about later. Moving around even though getting rained on still helped the closed in feeling.

Another issue with this lifestyle is that there are a lot of self inflicted wounds. We dropped the fifth wheel onto the truck bed and drove around the country for a few months looking like this :-(

We have forgotten other things in our departure routine and been rewarded with a mess on the inside. We had a horrible day on our trip here. Bob could not back up the truck to get it hooked up to the Cameo. Done it a hundred times successfully but he was having a huge brain cramp. We finally get hooked up and get to the park. We are told that our site is ok for our roof mounted satellite dish. There is a forest out our back window

and one lone tree on one side that could cause problems. Bob said the site should work so we didn't need to check the phone app. Well you guessed it, the satellites were on the other side of the single tree from the dish and that is exactly where we parked. We couldn't have got that bad alignment any better if we tried. So with no signal thru the tree we had to hook back up and pull a few feet, Bob did a better job this time :-) We hope to always follow the advice of President Reagan in the future, "trust - but verify".

Finally, then there are the times when there is a family event that due to your location in the boonies and distance it just isn't practical to attend.

We didn't mean to be a Debbie Downer but maybe we are painting a more realistic picture of living fulltime in our RV, a lot of good times for sure but some issues do come up now and then.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. Is she the same "Debbie does Dallas"? :D

  2. That is an awesome phoo of the weather.

    The weather you are having is so typical this time of year. We actually had to by rain gear when we got to Oregon. We wore it just about every day. We couldn't let the rain get us down not one day. We had planned way too much in such a short period of time.

    Living in a stick an brick or RV, their our pit falls both ways.

  3. All part of life no matter where you live. But we can sure related to that hooking up issue. Most of the time you do it with no problems. But occasionally, it's like you can't get it right no matter what you do. And the more frustrated you get, the worse the procedure gets.