Friday, July 11, 2014


Currently in Long Beach WA (Low 48 Cloudy and Foggy with Clearing Later High 69) 

It finally did clear up yesterday so we headed to Cape Disappointment State Park. One account of how Cape Disappointment got its name is that British fur trader John Meares who was sailing south along the coast. A storm came up and he turned around and he just missed discovering the Columbia River. He was later 'disappointed' that he did not discover the Columbia River.

We drove around the park and got some nice photos. Here is one from Beards Hollow.

Here is the Cape Disappointment Lighthouse from Waikiki Beach.

From Benson Beach.

The nice thing about the Benson Beach area is that you can see the Cape Disappointment Lighthouse and the North Head Lighthouse.

We then walked the trail to get to the Cape Disappointment Lighthouse. Here is the trail.

Along the way we say some neat berries on a tree.

Dead Man's Cove is viewable from the trail.

The trail then becomes paved.

Our first glimpse of the lighthouse.

The view up there is amazing.

Another view of the lighthouse. There are no tours for this lighthouse.

The trail back.

It was a great tour taking advantage of the few hours of sunshine.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo

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