Thursday, July 10, 2014


Currently in Long Beach WA (Low 50 Cloudy then Clearing High 66)

Turns out it did not clear off at all yesterday so we didn't do much except relax and walk along the beach. This allows us to catch up on blog entries while we were recently in the dead zones. While in Simi Valley California we visited the Reagan Presidential Library.

Sitting high in the hills above Simi Valley the Library sits on a beautiful piece of land.

There is enough land for a replica of the Rose Garden

and the South Lawn

The exhibits inside the Library go from his birth in rural Illinois to his sportscasting days in Iowa to Hollywood to the Governorship of California to the Presidency. Too much detail to adequately cover so here is a few photos of our visit. The flag from the American Embassy in Tehran and the hostage crisis.

Air Force One

The Reagans.

An interesting story of the Oval Office that was being completed while President Reagan was still alive. He walked in and said the ceiling was too low and was told that it had to be that way due to the building construction. President Reagan wanted it to be an authentic replica in every detail so the floor was dug out to reach the proper height. That is why you take steps down into this part of the library and the ramp up once you leave. Here is the Oval Office.

Mr. Gorbachev "tear down this wall".

We of course had to pay our respects at the gravesite.

This is an incredible historical visit that we really enjoyed. Leaving the Library we couldn't help feeling better about the country than when we entered, President Reagan still has that effect on us. 

It is "supposed" to clear off at about 1p today so we "plan" to visit the lighthouses today, if not we will do some indoor sightseeing. We have a few days to wait for the clear moment since we are so close.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. We really enjoy visiting presidential libraries. I don't think we will get back
    to that area so thanks for the tour.

  2. Thanks for the post. We look forward to visiting the Reagan library. He was a great president.

  3. Thanks for the pictures and information! We have SO much on our "To Do" List--and this is one of them! Hope you were able to see the lighthouse!