Sunday, July 13, 2014


Currently in Long Beach WA (Low 50 Cloudy then hopefully Clearing High 66)

Subtitled: Bob's walk on the wild side.

The forecast and the results have been pretty much the same since we got here, cloudy and foggy in the morning with potential clearing in the afternoon. But it has cleared only one day and we went to Cape Disappointment State Park. Yesterday was dreary all day so we didn't do much except walk along the beach and go to Mass. 

This allows us to catch up on our time in Simi Valley California in one of the dead zones we have encountered this trip. We really liked the Tapo Canyon County Park and would highly recommend this park with a big caveat emptor, it is a big dead zone. Most of the 16 sites (all 50a and all fhu) can get a good line of sight for a satellite dish and you are only 3 miles from the interstate but it does not feel like you are in the Los Angeles metroplex. About a mile from the interstate you are in the wilderness and two miles from the interstate you are in the dead zone. 

It was on one of Bob's morning walks in Tapo Canyon that the idea for the 'Walk Along With Bob' blog postings was born. Bob's walk on the wild side was towards a dead end road with all kinds of bird noises, especially these guys just walking about and squawking like only they can squawk. Sounded like Bob was in a zoo.

They were on roofs

They were on a fence, they were everywhere.

Bob also saw or heard blue birds, chickens, hawks, crows and countless other birds he has no idea what they were. He also saw rabbits, squirrels and maybe ferrets but wasn't close enough to be sure. There were horse stables right across the street so he saw the occasional horse being ridden and some in the pastures. Then there were the dogs, seemed like everybody on the walk had dogs, some of which were the size of small ponies. 

It was a beautiful walk with great weather in the early morning, usually 50 degrees and clear. Here is the rock face in the canyon wall he saw on his walk back.

It is amazing what you see and hear when you take a walk on the wild side.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo

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  1. I think Bob better watch these "walks on the wild side." I don't want him getting hurt.