Thursday, July 3, 2014


Currently in Newport OR (Low 55 Times of Clouds and Sun High 65) 

Tuesday we went sightseeing along the Oregon coast south of Newport. Our main destination was the Haceta Head Lighthouse and all the scenic stops in between. There sure are a lot of them and there is no way we could have stopped and taken pictures at each one, if we had we would still be out there :-)

Our first stop was Seal Rocks State Park. Rocks in this area are known to attract seals but we did not see any.

Then it was off to Cape Perpetua and the Devil's Churn area which makes quite a fuss at high tide or bad storms. We got low tide and no storms but scenic nonetheless.

Still in the Cape Perpetua area we went to Cook's Chasm and a spouting horn. Again at low tide and no storms it was not very active but still very scenic.

Here is the surrounding area.

We were able to find a shot on the internet to show just what it looks like.

Another area that was neat was Bray's Point.

We then stopped at Haceta Head Lighthouse. Here it is from the parking lot area.

As you walk up the trail the keeper's house comes into view.

Here is your reward after your 1/2 mile hike up.

While waiting for the tour we could see some grey whales in the waters near the haystack rocks.

We then went on the tour. Neat story about these books. The lighthouse would be periodically inspected and when the Inspector came he brought a new library of books and took the one on hand to the next lighthouse.

This looks like a missing pane of glass on the Fresnel lens but it was on purpose so that the keeper could climb inside and clean.

We picked a great day for this day of scenic sightseeing as you can tell by the blue skies in the above pictures. Today we plan to head north along the coast for some more sightseeing.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. We loved the Cape Perpetua area. There is so much to see there.

    Glad you got to grab a glimpse of the wales. What a treat.

  2. I'm jealous. We didn't see any whales when we were there. But we did see seals. But I want to see whales. And a beautiful day with no rain. Couldn't ask for better than that.

  3. Super pictures! We just have to get up to that coastline!