Monday, July 21, 2014


Currently in Silver Creek WA (Low 49 Partly Sunny Currently 54)
Heading to Bothell WA (Currently Cloudy 59 Times of Clouds and Sun High 74)

No, we are not in another cellular dead zone, we are talking about a sports dead zone. This week is the beginning of the end of a long dry spell for us sports wise as the NFL training camps are kicking off. It won't be long until we will have pro football games to watch and we both like the NFL.

We have limited interest in what is offered sports wise after March Madness is over. Here are our views of the sports in the dead zone.

Baseball; We used to really like baseball, even went to Comiskey Park before it was tore down, but one players strike too many soured us. Compared to other sports the season is too long and the "best of" playoffs can't compete with the lose and go home of the NFL playoffs and March Madness. We are getting a little more interested now that we are going to Spring Training games in Arizona.

NBA; for someone who likes college basketball the NBA seems natural but again too long of a season and "best of" playoffs. Plus it only seems to matter during the playoffs.

Auto racing; although we like NASCAR in general it is not something that we have to watch each weekend. We have a little more interest when the race is in Phoenix while we are in the area because we get a little swept up in the excitement.

Tennis; we occasionally will watch tennis but again it is not something that we have to watch each weekend.

Golf; we agree with Mark Twain in that "golf is a waste of a good walk" and with Bill Cosby who said that when he hits the ball he wants somebody else to chase it. Watching golf is worse, here is an example, where is the golf ball?

Soccer; futbol, enough said :-)

When the NFL is in full swing and college football season is also happening it is great for both of us but especially Bob. Then there is a brief period where college basketball is starting up and you have all three it is pretty special. But the top for Bob is probably March Madness, NCAA Basketball Tournament time. Thankfully this dead zone is about over.

Today, Lord willing and the slideout comes in, we are heading to Bothell Washington.

We will end with a picture of our Cameo at Rifle Gap State Park while we were in a cellular dead zone in Colorado just because we have to show scenery don't we :-)

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. Unlike you, I dread the coming of football season. It messes up the few shows I like to watch on the tube. I do agree about golf, though.

  2. I have to admit I have a really big sports dead zone. In fact, I hardly watch any on the TV. If I can see it in person that is okay:)