Thursday, July 17, 2014


Currently in Silver Creek WA (Low 52 Sunshine but Cooler High 77) 

Yesterday we headed to Mt. Rainier National Park after a good breakfast at Cody Cafe in Morton. This is the first glimpse that we were able to take a photo.

As we were getting closer.

The surrounding area is pretty cool too.

Our best shot.

We also got some great shots of Narada Falls which you will see tomorrow. 

We are in a good location close to both Mt. Rainier and Mt. St. Helens, which we plan to visit Friday. Today we have more living in a sticks and bricks activities like haircuts and shopping and of course eating out.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. Great area to tour. We love the area. Keep an eye on the fires.

  2. If you get a chance and you like to hike, go on some of the trails from Paradise Lodge on Mt. Rainier,. Breathtaking!

  3. Love that mountain. Wait till you see Mt. St. Helens. The movie is fabulous!