Monday, June 18, 2012

Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone is such a beautiful place that even with a short stay in the area due to our broken window repair and then being snowed out of most of the time we had we still had some great sightseeing. Right off the bat we learned that Yellowstone is so much more than the geysers, although they do figure prominently.

Yellowstone is also great scenery with water, mountains and wildlife. We went through the park from West Yellowstone entrance in Montana and before we knew it we had crossed into Wyoming. Enough of the foreplay let's get to the highlights. If you would like to see any photo larger just click on it.

As you enter the park from West Yellowstone Montana you first follow along the Madison River and then other rivers depending on the path you take.

Firehole Falls is along the Firehole River.

Celestine Pool is one of the prettiest geothermal features.

Clepsydra Geyser was active while we were there.

We caught a good bubble from Twig Geyser.

No trip to Yellowstone would be complete without bubbling mud, this from the Fountain Paint Pots.

Silex Spring is another neat geothermal feature.

Here is a picture of the incoming weather that snowed and sleeted on us while we were waiting for Old Faithful and eventually drove us out of the park. This storm officially dumped 1.5 inches of snow and dropped the temperature to 28 degrees from the mid 40s while we were in the park.

Here is Firehole Lake. The conditions were such that there was a tremendous amount of fog that made picture taking difficult but this area was the worst. We had to drive through this fog around Firehole Lake and we slowed way down because we could barely see. Believe it or not there is a lake behind the fog.

We got a lot of photos of Bison grazing far away but was glad to get this photo up close.

While waiting for Old Faithful we toured the Visitors Center and saw this sign comparing the three eruptions of the super volcano below Yellowstone to the recent Mt. Saint Helens eruption. The sheer power of this super volcano is amazing.

Here is Old Faithful working up to an eruption. We thought we would never get a bubbling photo as every time Bob raised his camera it died down. Finally he got a good shot.

Here it is at full glory. There are bigger geysers and there are more regular geysers but Old Faithful is the biggest most regular geyser in the park.

Yellowstone is such a huge park with five entrances and five visitor centers so we just barely scratched the surface as to all you can see and do but as you can tell from these few pictures of the total number we took that we had a great time. We have a fairly slow internet connection so it will take some time for all the photos to be uploaded to in the West Yellowstone set.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. We loved Yellowstone. The mud pods are my favorite. Just so much fun to watch. Great photos. Glad you had a great time!

  2. But seeing those geysers with snow on them is so incredible. A lot of people don't ever see that beauty. And the baby Bison are so cute.

  3. I spent two months in the area a couple summers ago, and it still wasn't enough time to see everything. :)

  4. We did our visits to Yellowstone from West Yellowstone. Thanks for the great memories:)