Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Liebster Blog Award

Nearly two months ago Soaring Sun at http://ebayrv.blogspot.com/ awarded our blog the Liebster Award. We had never heard of it before but we love the concept. "Liebster" is a German word that translates loosely to "beloved" or "dearest" and the Liebster Award showcases blogs that have a following of no more than 200 subscribers. Recipients who accept the award then pass it on to five of their favorite blogs with small readerships.

Choosing five blogs of the many great blogs that we read was a tough choice but here goes.

Where are the Dixons today?; Jim and Sandie blog about their full-timing adventures always entertains us. We have never met Jim and Sandie but plan to some day. They are the unofficial Escapees 2009 Class President and we first made contact with them on the Escapees forums and then started following their blog. They full-time with two dogs, Scooter and Skittlez.

Where's Weaver; Paul and Marsha Weaver also started full-timing in 2009 just like us and the Dixons. We also have not met the Weavers either. They full-time with their cat Bella. Paul and Marsha are dynamos, they pack more into one day of sightseeing than we probably do in a 2-3 days. They recently were in Oregon and we were writing down all the things they did and places they ate at, especially the chowder tour.

Our Adventures with Tassie; We have not met Ralph and Donna either but enjoy their full-timing blog and their campground review site, Tassie's Campground Reviews. They are sightseers and foodies like us and we always get good tips on where to go and where to eat.

Tumbleweed; Jim and Dee full-time in a Carriage Cameo just like we do. We first made contact with them on the Carriage Yahoo Group and then began following their blog. We have not met them although we share one state camped in common, Missouri. But we start out on the western side and head west and they start out on the eastern side and head east.

Paws and Friends; Finally someone we have met. Mike and Lindy parked next to us at Destiny RV in Goodyear Arizona and we struck up a conversation. We found we were both full-timers and we both dabble at blogging. What we like about their blogging is that they visit a lot of historical sites and we like to visit them also. They full-time with pets as you can probably tell from their name. Right now it is two corgis, Lord Rupert and Bitty. They recently bought a place in Congress AZ so we plan to visit them on our way to Destiny later this year.

It was tough picking only five, stop by and visit them and see if you like them too.

Congrats to the winners!

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. Thanks you guys but I really don't think my blog is all that exciting. But it's my life and I'm happy I can share part of it with you guys. This winter for sure!!! Somehow, someway.

  2. Thanks so much for the shout out. I actually must admit that I have never heard of this award. I will now!

    We love Sandie and Jim. We have met up with them several times. We THINK we will be traveling through Billings, MO, while they are still there. It will be great to see them also.

    We do not read three of your choices. This will give us a great chance to add two more blogs to our list. I, personally, love historical sites so Paws and Friends will be great. The campground reviews are always a super addition, Tassie. And since we haven't done much in the East, Tumbleweed will be perfect.

    Thanks for doing such a great job with this post!

  3. Only one blog there that I don't already follow. Guess I'll check it out. :)