Friday, June 15, 2012

New Additions to 'Our Favorite Things! (Food)'

We really enjoyed our stay in Idaho Falls, if you have to be delayed in a place for 5 extra weeks you would be hard pressed to find a better spot. The sightseeing was great but the food was tremendous.  Having all that extra time we were really able to explore the Idaho Falls culinary scene.

We have added a few more items to "Our Favorite Things! (Food)" list on the left side of our blog in addition to the sourdough waffles at Smitty's Pancake and Steak House recently added to best waffles. The sourdough pancakes also from Smitty's have been added to best specialty pancakes. As you can tell we like our pancakes and right now Bob feels that the sourdough pancakes are his top choice for pancakes.

With pancakes on our mind it made us realize that we have to add a new category for international pancakes. The winners are: German at Smitty's (get them with the apples) in Idaho Falls ID; Swedish (get them with lingonberries) at the Swedish Pantry in Escanaba MI; and Finnish (pannukakku) at Suomi in Houghton MI.

We like our hamburgers and Big Jud's qualifies. We ate at the Ashton and Rexburg locations, only have the Boise location to complete the set. We still will leave the Double Double at In-N-Out on the list but will add the double cheeseburger and the single mushroom swiss burgers to our list.

After all of our good eating in Idaho Falls we have created a few new categories. First is the best Eggs Benedict (unique) for the southwest benedict at Cedric's in Idaho Falls ID that we blogged about earlier. As mentioned before the Southwest Benedict is potato pancakes instead of an english muffin, topped with pork carnitas instead of ham and then guacamole and cheese. It is then topped with an egg and smothered with green chile hollandaise.

With Eggs Benedict on our mind we realized that the best we have had has been at TJ's Homestyle in Avondale AZ. 

The last new category to be added is best Steak and Eggs and the winner has to be Smitty's in Idaho Falls. This is not some thinly sliced cheap steak but a thick 7 oz Prime cut of sirloin served with two eggs and a starch option. Bob chose pancakes and then substituted for the sourdough pancakes combining the best steak and eggs with his favorite pancakes.

There were a lot of other good places to eat in Idaho Falls like the Hometown Kitchen, Sandpiper, Jakers, Carinos, Jaliscos and others but they just didn't rise to the level necessary to get on the "Our Favorite Things! Food" list.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. Sourdough pancakes...never heard of them. We love sourdough break, so I am sure they taste wonderful.

    It is only 8:15 am here. You have made me hungry for lunch already! Thanks a lot...hehe

  2. Really enjoy your blog. We're foodies, too, but I'm not disciplined enough to list all the good places where we've eaten. Nice job!