Sunday, June 10, 2012

Our First Snow!!

In almost three years of living full-time in our RV we have had snow flurries but never anything that has accumulated. We knew when we bypassed tornado alley to head north through Idaho and Montana that we might see some snow. We mistakenly thought that an extra 5 weeks in Idaho Falls would make us immune to snow but we were wrong.

We toured Yellowstone National Park yesterday (we will blog on that later) until we got chased out by snow and sleet. Jo said that of the three bad things, cold, wind, rain that she can handle two of the three. The addition of sleet on our face made it all three as it was already windy and cold so we headed back to the park. Luckily we had just finished watching Old Faithful and saw a bunch of geysers and scenery and wildlife.

We woke up seeing the park looking like this:

Here is the tree right next to our Cameo:

The roads still look OK but enough snow to probably accumulate an inch on the trees and grass and this is June 10th. The outdoor thermometer showed 27 degrees when Bob got up this morning. 

We head out tomorrow for Billings Montana (weather permitting).

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. We saw where that area got snow. Oh is June 10. Our daughter will be there the end of June. She will go crazy if there is snow...she is in sunny warm Houston.
    Stay warm and safe travels.

  2. Brrrr! That's not what you want to see in the middle of June. Good luck in Montana!!

  3. I so want to go back to AZ. But I was checking the weather and this week does look like it's going to be at least in the 70's most of the week. I sure hope they aren't lying to us. I would have cried if I woke up to that much snow. We're headed for Dillon tomorrow.

  4. Brrr! Bet you're thinking snow better than other kinds of severe weather! We are finally NOT running our a/c in CT! Safe journeys you two!