Tuesday, June 12, 2012

On the move again - to Billings MT

We left West Yellowstone yesterday and headed to Billings MT as we continue our expedited trek to the North Shore of Lake Superior in Minnesota. Here is the route we took. It was a scenic 230 mile drive on MT 191 first through Yellowstone National Park then a National Forest.

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We are staying at the Trailer Village in Billings, a nice older park in the area although we are a little shoe horned in. We plan to be here three nights and then it is off to Miles City MT.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. Wish we were in Billings to show you around. Trailer Village is the nicest RV park in the area IMO. For a city the size of Billings the RV parks are pretty yucky and over priced. We're in Helena now. Are you going to Pompey's Pillar? It's on the way to Miles City. About 28 miles east of Billings. Have you made any plans about where you're going after Miles City? As you get to eastern MT and western ND you are going to have lots of problems finding a place to stay and lots and lots and lots and lots of oil truckers. Lots of accidents out that way. So be very careful.

  2. We are going to be in Billings in about a month. Watching closely to see what you do and see.
    We are very close friends with Sandie and Jim so heed their warnings. They are a wonderful couple. I wish you could meet up with them.

  3. We went to the zoo and Moss Mansion today, ate at Stella's which was real good. Shopping and eating and getting ready to go Thursday will probably all we get done tomorrow.