Friday, June 29, 2012

What a great day on the North Shore of Lake Superior

We still have some blog posts to catch up on but we thought we would give you a taste of what it is like on the North Shore. We had a great day yesterday which was our first full day in Grand Marais.

Bob setup the bird feeders yesterday and we had our first visitors, a male and female American Goldfinch.

We had a great brunch at the Blue Water Cafe; Jo got an order of blueberry wild rice pancakes, Bob got roped sausage, eggs, hashbrowns and instead of toast he also got the blueberry wild rice pancakes. Everything was incredible! 

We went back to the park and did some puttering and then got a very nice surprise. Our friends Bob and Wilma from the Kansas City area that also winter at the same place in Arizona have decided to escape the triple digit heat and humidity of the Kansas City area for a couple of days and are coming here for a visit (more on our weather here a little later). We decided to scout out some of the lodgings in the area for them and besides it was lupper time.

The Dockside Fish Market is supposed to have the best fish and chips in town and good soups also. We split fresh walleye, fresh whitefish, chips, clam and mussel chowder, and Wisconsin cheese smoked salmon soup. Everything was real good and we will be back. We scouted some lodging places and confirmed with them that their choice looked like from the outside a neat place. To celebrate we had a coupon for a free cone at Sydney's Frozen Custard and got very good custard.

Back at the park this is the view towards Grand Marais Bay at the front of our site looking left.

Heading right there is a trail that takes you to Lake Superior. By trail we mean our kind of trail consisting of a few steps :-)

Along the way we saw these lilacs. For us Midwesterners seeing lilacs in late June is unheard of, just reminds us how far north we actually are. In fact we are about 40 miles from the Canadian border.

Here is the trail from the park to the lake, in fact you can see the lake. What you can also do is hear the lake, as we got closer it sounded like a waterfall.

Here is your reward for this long hike :-)

Another reward

The grains of sand are pretty big up here, must be the cold winters :-)

It was actually a little chilly today with temperatures in the low 60s with the wind coming across the lake. After our walk to the shores of Gitche Gumee we were back relaxing in the Cameo when a very strange thing happened. The wind shifted, no longer blowing across the lake. In 30 minutes the outside temperature rose from 62 to 77. Still a great temperature for the end of June and much much better than the Kansas City area but it was shocking to see it happen so fast. It was probably payback and proof that you should not gloat too much since we had been taking photos with Bob's phone and sending them to friends and family and telling them how cool it was both scenery and weather.

What a great day on the North Shore; birds, lilacs, great food, beautiful scenery, and wonderful news!!

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. Lilacs are long gone here in Montana with the heat we've been having. Glad your weather is much better than ours. What a beautiful campsite.

  2. The Millers are headed north on Saturday. We are excited at the prospect of cooler weather.