Monday, June 25, 2012

On the move again - to Saginaw Minnesota

After our unpleasant stay in Bismarck we really enjoyed our stay in Casselton North Dakota just west of Fargo. But we have to continue our expedited trek to the North Shore of Lake Superior since we have reservations for July 4th at the Grand Marais Recreation Area.

So yesterday, June 24th, we headed to our next stop, Saginaw Minnesota. It was approximately 250 miles to Saginaw, a long day for us. We decided we tolerated 140 mikes one day and then 175 miles the next day better than 250 miles in one day. The good; it was a scenic drive for awhile as we drove along the "Lake Country Scenic Byway" for part of the trip. The bad; we were then on Minnesota State Road 200 after the "Lake Country Scenic Byway" and it was a very rough highway. Here is the route we took:

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We started the trip with a little trepidation as there has been a lot of flooding in the Duluth area with some road closures. Saginaw is about 15 miles from Duluth. Bob found a Minnesota road conditions map online and the roads we traveled yesterday were shown as back open which they were. We did have one spot where water was still across the road the but it was shallow enough you could still see the road underneath. We saw a few areas where water had been and the accompanying debris along the side of the road.

We arrived at Ogston RV Park in Saginaw and were pleasantly surprised how good of condition the park was in even though it suffered flooding just a few days ago. There was enough gravel on the road and the sites that even though you saw water it was not muddy. There are ponds in the park and we got a site with a view of a pond out our back window. We have a great line of sight for satellite reception. This looks to be a good choice for exploring the Duluth area and wish we had more time here.

There is still a road closure on Highway 61 which will take us north along the shore of Lake Superior to Grand Marais on Wednesday but there is a detour in operation. There aren't many choices for that direction so it was good to see a detour. Hopefully it will be open by next Wednesday.

Saginaw has been called "Sticksville" by some Minnesotans but with Duluth only 15 miles away and plenty to do there we are sure we will be busy. There is a breakfast place that was on DDD (Diners Drive Inns and Dives) that we are going to this morning (and maybe tomorrow morning too).

Till next time,

Bob and Jo

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