Friday, June 8, 2012

FINALLY on the road again and a new State camped

Although we enjoyed our extra time in Idaho Falls due to the broken window it is time to move on which we did today, Friday, June 8th. The replacement window was received early enough Friday to be installed and since it was only 108 miles to West Yellowstone, Montana, our next destination we decided to head out. 

We got a price break from the park for our troubles plus we got to see more of the area and eat some great food so all is good but it is good to be back on the road again. Here is the route we took.

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Here is our updated States Camped Map which has also been updated on the left side of our blog.

While in West Yellowstone we plan to visit, wait a minute it will come to us, we plan to visit, you guessed it, Yellowstone National Park. Due to our extended stay, 6 plus weeks we will only have 3 nights to see all we can see in that short period of time. We will have to pass this way again and spend more time all along this route, except in Idaho Falls of course :-)

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. Hope you have good weather for your visit. There is a ton to see! Enjoy

  2. So glad you guys are "On the road again!" Enjoy! (Typed on our new Samsung Tablet!)