Thursday, June 21, 2012

On the move again - to Fargo ND

We actually ended up in Casselton North Dakota just west of Fargo yesterday, June 20th. The great thing about this lifestyle is that if you do not like the park or area you just leave. We had paid for the one night when we made the reservation but that is all we spent there.

It was approximately 175 miles along I-94 from Bismarck to Casselton. Our virtual Carriage friends Kev-n-Christine helped us avoid another bad park, this time in Fargo, and we are very happy with the Governors RV Park (part of the Days Inn Complex). We have the fastest free park wifi we have ever had at almost 7Mbps on one test and just over 5Mbps on another. Our satellite dish has an easy line of sight. The only complaint is that there could be more gravel on the utility side. This park is a keeper. What also is a keeper is the kuchen, turns out we did not warm it up enough for our tastes. Once we got the thick crust warmed up suddenly kuchen is now one of the foods you must try while in the Bismarck area.

We were wrong about another thing, we bet that we could have heard those loud kids next to us in Bismark even from 175 miles away but we were wrong :-)

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. You're making good time on your trip East. Fargo is not so bad in the summer time but let me tell you, you do not want to be there in the winter.

    1. We started full-timing to avoid the winters in the Kansas City Missouri area which are like the tropics compared to the winters in Fargo or northwest Iowa where Bob was born so we have no plans for winter in this area. We like Arizona in the winter.

  2. HAHA...maybe the parents sedated them.