Wednesday, June 20, 2012

On the road again - to Bismarck ND

We left Medora North Dakota yesterday, June 19th, and headed to Bismarck North Dakota continuing our expedited trek to the North Shore of Lake Superior for the summer. It was approximately 140 miles along I-94 and a time change to Central Daylight Savings Time. Here is the route we took. 

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We really like the shorter days and will try to travel no more than 200 miles in one day from now on.

We originally planned on being in Bismarck for three nights but the park, Hillcrest Acres Campground, was such a disappointment. It had rained and you can't blame that on the park but there are things that can be done such as more than 5 pieces of gravel in your entire site and better maintenance of the roads. We parked right next to permanent residents with the loudest, whiniest kids we have ever heard. There was dog droppings  in our site that had not been picked up. But the worst had to be the big tree at the end of our site which prevented our satellite dish from working. There were a few sites that a dish like ours would work and we requested one of those sites.

So we will stay only one night and head out today for Casselton North Dakota just west of Fargo. We had the first nights stay as a deposit or else we might have moved to the KOA. We had to get diesel for the truck and paid $3.619 at Sam's Club the cheapest we have paid in awhile. We ate breakfast for supper at Cracker Barrel and then hit Dan's Super Market for some kuchen, a Germans from Russia heritage item, which is a pie like pastry with a thick crust and a fruit and custard filling. It is good but not something that we would probably crave.

While in the Fargo area we will catch up on shopping. It is true we were near the biggest grocery store and biggest hardware store in Medora, the biggest SuperCenter for sure, but it was no Wal-Mart. We plan to eat at Valentino's Grand Italian Buffet which we really like but have not been there for years. 

Till next time, 

BTW all the Yellowstone photos have finished uploading and are on in the West Yellowstone set

Bob and Jo


  1. We love the shorter days. Coming up the Oregon coast has spoiled us. It will be a long trek back to Ohio once we finish with Washington.

    Thanks for the heads up on Hillcrest Acres Campground. Always good to know what campgrounds to stay away from.

    GORGEOUS Yellowstone photos.

  2. Sounds like a horrible campground. I'd definitely be moving on. Nothing is Bismarck I want to see that bad.

  3. Bob and Jo, sounds like you’ve had an interesting couple of days since you left Medora! Best of luck with your adventures these next few weeks and thanks for shopping with Sam’s Club! – Ramona from Sam’s Club