Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Update on our replacement window

The good news is that our replacement window has been manufactured and will ship soon. The bad news is that it will take time to get here. The really bad news is the whole process about which we are going to comment on.

Hardly anybody keeps inventory on hand anymore, at least for the big stuff, so the parts have to be made on demand just like our replacement window 3 weeks after receipt of order. The other component of the whole 'getting a window replaced' scenario is that most companies have contracted out the ordering process to a third party and this applies here. The sad part in our case was that the windows was completed by the manufacturer and then shipped to that third party so that they could ship it to Idaho. To us this is utterly ridiculous, but maybe we just are getting a little antsy. 

We originally planned on being in Idaho Falls for 5 days and at most a week depending on the weather here and at West Yellowstone. Tomorrow will be 6 weeks that we have been here. We lost almost 2 weeks for the repair that did not work and now more than three weeks to get the window made and then to be delivered. We had to cancel Bob's fishing trip in Canada with some friends he used to work with. Luckily we only had campground reservations and no deposits but Bob was looking forward to that fishing trip and seeing some old friends. Now instead of a leisurely jaunt across Montana and North Dakota and Minnesota we have to move every 2-3 days just to make our reservations on the North Shore of Lake Superior because you don't want to start jacking with trying to get parks in the summer along the North Shore. We found that out the hard way when we tried to make reservations.

Since it looks like we will be here another few days we have some eating and sightseeing planned.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. We plan on being in Blackfoot on Friday (depending on weather) for the week-end. If you're still around, maybe we could meet up in Idaho Falls or someplace. Monday we're headed up to Dillon and then Tuesday into Helena.

    I wish I could say I don't believe how long this is taking you. But we had the same problem last summer with the spring for our motorhome. We lost our entire summer because of that part. The good news is that Montana and North Dakota will still be around the next time you come through this way.

    1. We would love to meet you guys we just don't know when the window will be delivered. As soon as it is delivered and installed we are heading out. If Idaho Falls does not work aren't you guys heading to Billings?