Wednesday, July 25, 2012

When Glass became Grift and then Cites

Grand Marais MN (Rainy High 69 Low 57) 

We like our Asus Eee Pad tablet, we really do. But there is one annoying thing we still are not used to and that is the autocorrect feature. When you are typing in a word using the onscreen keyboard let's use as an example "typing" you type the "typ" and the following words are suggestions; "type", "types", "typically", "typical", "typing" and so on.

If you remember to use it you can speed up your typing after selecting a couple of characters you can select the whole word. But when the word is obscure the more letters you type in the more you forget to use the feature.

That is where "when Glass became Grift and then Cites" comes into play. We did a lot of genealogy research while we were in Idaho Falls and found some name changes for Jo's ancestors. Her grandmother was a Clites but tracing back a few generations it was Glietz and before that Gleiss. So we typed that up in an email message on the tablet to her brother, 'we found out when Gleiss became Gleitz and then Clites', but it came out 'when Glass became Grift and then Cites'. Luckily we reviewed it before we sent it.

Here are some other funny examples, if you don't watch out you can end up with the word you do not want; 

pics becomes epics
pizza becomes piazza
loctite becomes lactate
slideout becomes hideout
pronto becomes printout
and many more

We can turn off the autocorrect feature but it comes in real handy on normal words so we will keep it, but don't be surprised if some weird words show up on future correspondence.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. my phone does that to me when I text and I have a habit of just hitting send without rereading it. Sometimes it really turns out strange.

  2. Autocorrect was the best way I taught my high school students the lesson of PROOFREADING. I let them have autocorrect turned on and gave them several words incorrectly spelled in a paragraph. I told them to just let auto correct do its thing. WOW...what funny results we got. Great learning experience.

  3. I have had some embarrassing moments when I failed to double check the auto correct feature:)