Wednesday, July 18, 2012

It's Good to be Flexible

Grand Marais MN (High 71, Low 63, at the water; started out cloudy but then cleared)

Subtitled: Another "Grand Marais Day"

We have heard a saying from fellow full-timers that we have adopted for ourselves, "we have no definite plans", which fits very nicely in our lifestyle. Yesterday we planned on driving the Gunflint Trail but when Bob woke up it was real cloudy and looked like it could rain so we postponed.

We walked to breakfast since it looked like the threat of rain was gone but it was still cloudy. We like this town because we can walk easily to downtown. We had a great breakfast at the Pie Place Cafe. It cleared up as the day went on so we walked around downtown for some shopping and sightseeing. We saw this float plane taking off.

Then we saw the float plane landing. Both these pictures were taken with Bob's phone and it was still cloudy.

It was one of those days that if you were in the sun and no breeze it was kinda hot, plus we both are on medications that we should avoid direct sunlight. In the shade with a breeze it was wonderful. We walked back to the park and put away our stuff and walked to the Pavilion to read and hopefully take better pictures. Here is one of the float plane taking off.

Bob is still looking for the definitive picture, the float plane taking off or landing with the lighthouse in the same frame and the plane above the water. We have a few more days for that to happen.

We are planning on the Gunflint Trail today so we'll see how our "plans" go.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. Boy! You guys are "living the life!" Enjoy that cool weather for us, would you? It has been hot here in rain, thunder, and cooler temps so far...We are looking forward to reaching the west! Flexible? Great term! Pump in our washer died, so we are staying an extra day to get that repaired....

  2. Wonder that the plane is actually doing. Looks like to would be a neat experience to see it land and take off.

    1. The plane was taking tourists on a tour of the area.

  3. You two are so very Blessed! We are just cooking here in KC. Our non-in-law is working overnights because of the heat... he builds steel buildings and even at night it's horrific...You take good care of yourselves - can't wait to see you again!!