Monday, July 9, 2012

Moving Day - Still in Grand Marais

Moving Day
Still in Grand Marais
We are poets and did not know it :-)

We got very lucky yesterday, July 8th. The campground at the Grand Marais Recreation Area has reservable sites and a few non-reservable sites (14 day max) along with seasonal sites. We were in a reservable site with only 3 days left on our reservation. Our next stop was for 11 days. Bob decided to check out the non-reservable sites and a couple of them were open so we took one and canceled our next reservation. The advantage to these sites is that you are right on the water. The sites are unfortunately configured for a motorhome so when we backed in with our fifth wheel our big window in the back looks out at a big bush but this is the view from the front as we step out the door.

We were doubly cautious on this our 2nd shortest move of about 200 yards because our shortest move is when we rushed things and dropped the Cameo onto our truck bed and ended up looking like this.

We slowly went through the checklist and made sure that we did everything and we double checked everything. We survived the 200 yard move and put everything back out; chairs, bird feeders, weber grill, etc. The cats were a little cautious coming out of the bedroom once we got there acting like are we really there?

A couple of nice things about our new site is that the smoke from the campfires is a lot less so we were able to have the windows open in the evening. We also are using our snap on window screen for the back window for the first time. The sun sets boring right into the back window and we were amazed that no heat made it to the window. The satellite dish on the roof also works great so we will not miss our shows.

Another great day full-timing.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. I hope everything inside survived that BIG move...hehe.

  2. Everytime I hook up I think of what happened to you guys..

  3. I wanted to let you two know that I would love to respond to the comments you leave us but don't have your email address and cannot find it on the blog. If you want, would you send it to me and then I can respond. Thanks.