Saturday, July 14, 2012

Devil's Kettle Falls

Grand Marais MN (mostly sunny High 71 Low 55 at the water)

After another great breakfast at Naniboujou Lodge and Restaurant we drove to the C. R. Magney State Park and more waterfalls. Today's target was Devil's Kettle Falls on the Brule River which has a very interesting twist on waterfalls, disappearing water.

At first the 2+ mile roundtrip trail that takes you along the Brule River did not look so bad.

Then it starts to trend upward.

The trail did have benches but why is it that a lot of benches are in direct sunlight?

Now we got some climbing to do.

Along the way you get nice views of the Brule River. Can you tell how far we have climbed?

What goes up must come down to get to the falls, this time there are steps, a lot of steps. We are dreading the way back.

First you come to Upper Falls.

What goes down must go back up, this time 700' with more climbing to Devil's Kettle Falls.

The reward is Devil's Kettle Falls. The water splits and the water on the right continues to Upper Falls and then to Lake Superior. The water on the left goes into a pothole, The Devil's Kettle, and is never seen again. They have put dye, logs and other things down the pothole and they are never seen again. The theory is that it goes through an underground passage to Lake Superior but that has not been proven.

Here is the Devil's Kettle up close.

Here it is from further down the trail.

We walked back down to Upper Falls and put our toes in the water to cool down for the hike back to our truck.

What goes down must go back up. We took frequent stops along these steps.

Another great day on the North Shore of Lake Superior and full-timing even though we were tired and know we will be sore. We wonder if we will ever know for sure where the water goes.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. Those falls sure look cool and refreshing.

  2. Did you try to slide down the banister? just kidding. The falls are beautiful!

  3. Now that is our kind of trail. Lots of beauty and some excise as a bonus.

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