Sunday, July 1, 2012

Can you guess where these pictures were taken?

Is this out west where the wild fires are? No, it is not out west.

Is this somewhere in the Smoky Mountains? Not even close.

Then where were these photos taken? These photos are from our park and show the smoke from all the campfires. When we started full-timing we thought we would be doing a campfire every night. Didn't take us too long to realize that with our watering eyes and lungs and the smell on our clothes that we just didn't care for them. So last night with great temperatures outside we closed the windows to keep all that smoke and smell out.

Even with all that smoke it was a great day. Our friends from the Kansas City area, Bob and Wilma, arrived at lunch time for a short visit. We visited for awhile and then went to lunch at The Pie Place. We had great food and great pie but it was VERY expensive. We then walked around downtown Grand Marais but it was pretty hot, in fact the Bank thermometer showed 93. We found some shade and breeze in front of the Johnson Art Gallery and then decided to check out the air conditioning, and oh the paintings too, in the art gallery. We walked around 15 minutes or so and when we opened the door we got hit by a blast of cold air. We wondered why they had big a/c fans in the entry way and then we realized it was the outside temperature which was now 59 according to accuweather on Bob's smartphone.

We went back to the park and sat near the water and saw this great scene on Grand Marais Bay. 

Here is the town of Grand Marais from the park.

By now the gals needed sweaters but were determined to sit outside since it was over 100 back in Kansas City. Bob and Wilma say nobody back there will believe this fast weather change. We sat around and chatted for a long time then they went to check into their lodging. They came back and we went to a great supper at the Blue Water Cafe and then back to the park to the pictures we took above of all the campfires. We showed them the short walk to Lake Superior but it was too cold to stay too long. We plan to spend the day with them tomorrow and then they are heading back to KC.

Another great day on Lake Superior,

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. I am one that couldn't believe you put a sweater on. I had to reread the post to see if I missed something.

  2. we rarely have fires for the very reasons you mention. I would love to see 59 degrees just once this month:)