Saturday, July 28, 2012

Catching up - Canal Park and Aerial Lift Bridge, Day 1

Grand Marais MN (Sunny High 74 Low 57)

It rained the last couple of days so when yesterday was sunny we just took it easy and enjoyed the outdoors. Jo got a haircut and then we had a great brunch at Naniboujou. We sat outside and read, walked along the lake, sat outside and read, and walked to downtown a couple of times, it was a 'Grand Marais Day'. That give us the opportunity to catch up on blogging, this is from our recent visit to Saginaw Minnesota where we drove into Duluth.

After a great breakfast at Sara's Table at the Chester Creek Cafe in Taran's Marketplace that we blogged about earlier we went to Canal Park, a conversion of a warehouse district into a tourist and recreation oriented area. The highlight of Canal Park has to be the Aerial Lift Bridge.

From our previous posts long time readers know we are fascinated by lift bridges so you can expect to see a lot more photos of this bridge, it is pretty cool.

While walking around Canal Park we got to witness a couple of bridges lifting for a boat, albeit a smaller one than we were hoping for. Here is the Waterfront Plaza bridge raising for the boat.

Here is the Waterfront Plaza bridge fully opened and the boat which we will follow along on its journey.

This boat then headed towards the Aerial Lift Bridge, the boat we have been following is waiting patiently.

The Aerial Lift Bridge then raises and the boat we have been following passes under.

After this we walked around Canal Park. There are a couple of lighthouses at the end of the piers on both sides of the bridge. Here is a red roofed one.

Here is a more traditional looking lighthouse.

From the lighthouse here is a photo of downtown Duluth. The steepness of the hill reminded us of San Francisco or Seattle.

Walking around there is a neat fountain, the fish in the fountain are sturgeon.

We also just sat on the benches and enjoyed the great weather and scenery. We have more to blog about for Canal Park and will do that in future postings.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. Love those lift bridges:) Been to Duluth several times on a large Great Lakes Freighter.

  2. Great photos of the bridges. The Aerial Lift Bridge is huge. I wonder why they built that so different?
    Very unique fountain.

  3. Never seen an aerial lift bridge - that is just too cool. And I don't think of Duluth as having steep hills. Great pictures.