Thursday, July 12, 2012

"A Grand Marais Day"

Yesterday we had what we used to call a "hang loose" day but we really needed a new name for it since we don't go to Hawaii anymore. Now we have a new name, "a Grand Marais day".

What is "a Grand Marais day" you ask? First of all it starts with the weather; yesterday was in the low to mid 70s near the water and clear blue skies. We had a great breakfast at home eating the last of the made at home wild rice blueberry pancakes. We sat outside in the shade and read our books for awhile and then went downtown for lunch.

We had a great lunch at the Crooked Spoon and then walked around downtown buying a couple of things. We ended up at Sydney's Frozen Custard and got some custard and sat outside looking at the lake.

We came back and sat in the shade again and just read and relaxed. Here is the view we saw from the chairs at the front out our site.

While sitting outside our neighbors came by with their dogs for a visit and others along our row took the opportunity to stop and chat. One of them was from Texas and he mentioned how he called days like this "a Grand Marais day". We liked it so much we adopted it for ourselves.

We took a walk around the park after a supper of the leftover pizza from Sven and Ole's and the leftover calzone from My Sister's Place and ended up at the Pavilion where we sat and watched the water for awhile and caught yet another sailboat and lighthouse photo.

A Grand Marais day indeed.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. Those days can become to precious. Sometimes I think we try to push ourselves too hard to do things and don't take time to just enjoy.

  2. As soon as we get back to Ohio....I NEED several Grand Marais days!