Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Artists' Point and Lighthouse - Grand Marais Minnesota

We had another great sightseeing day with our friends Bob and Wilma and we never left the town of Grand Marais. We started the day off in the Pavilion by the water just enjoying the cool weather. We caught this sailboat heading into the Bay and we just had to snap it because we have sent a postcard with this very scene at sunset.

When it was lunch time we went to Sydney's Frozen Custard which also has wood fired pizza and sandwiches. We both decided on a pizza, we got a Mediterranean which is an olive oil brushed thin crust with olives, tomatoes, garlic, cheese, onions and we added gyro meat. Bob and Wilma got the Kilauea which had a red sauce and sausage and pineapple. Both pizzas were excellent, food around here is excellent. We sat in the shade and then decided we needed a frozen custard and it was great too.

It was just a short walk to Artists' Point and Grand Marais Lighthouse so we decided to do some sightseeing. It is a 1/2 mile hike over lava rock and through a small boreal forest. Artists' Point has been the inspiration for painters and photographers for years. Here are the lava rocks along the way.

Here is the trail to the Lighthouse.

Along the way we saw from wildflowers.

Here is another along the trail to the Lighthouse.

From the Lighthouse here is a closeup photo of our RV Park across the bay. 

We like sitting in the Pavilion shown there and just water and people watching, enjoying the weather, and contemplating just how wonderful a life we have to be able to visit the incredible places that we have been.

For supper we went to My Sister's Place and had a great burger, did we mention that the food here is excellent? We really enjoyed Bob and Wilma's visit and was sad to see them leave. No sadder than they were since it was just a few minutes and they were back in 95 degree weather.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. The sailboat photo is wonderful. Good job!

    We really enjoy visiting lighthouses. Love looking at your photos of them.

  2. A great day without having to travel very far - and with great weather. WOW. I am so jealous. We're going over a hundred here in Billings today. And I just can't work up the enthusiasm to try and find something to do here.

  3. GREAT photos and what a beautiful area... We just LOVE Lighthouses!!!
    Have fun & Travel safe