Tuesday, July 10, 2012

High Falls in Grand Portage State Park

We started our day with an excellent breakfast at the Naniboujou Lodge and Restaurant which we will blog on later since we know we will be back.

We then drove further north to this scenic overlook of Lake Superior.

Something you don't see everyday, a copper moose weathervane at the scenic overlook.

Continuing north to almost the Canadian border we then turned left into the Grand Portage State Park. The state park, held by the surrounding Grand Portage Indian Reservation and leased to the state of Minnesota for $1 a year, is the only U.S. state park jointly managed by a state and by Native Americans. It is also the only Minnesota state park not owned by the state.

You walk through the Visitors Center to get to the trail to High Falls, the highest waterfalls in the state of Minnesota at 120'. The impassibility of the High Falls and other areas on the Pigeon River, which is the border between Canada and the U.S. necessitated the development of the 8.5 mile overland trail which has come to be known as the Grand Portage which we will discuss in a future blog posting.

Our mission right now was to see the High Falls which put us on a boardwalk trail consisting of a 1/2 mile distance to the falls.

As we got closer to the falls and started climbing a railing was added.

Then we got our first view of High Falls.

We could see the remainder of the trail to another vantage point.

Here are the falls from that vantage point.

On our way back to Grand Marais we stopped at the Chicago Bay Market in Hovland for lunch and had great sandwiches on homemade bread. Another great day along the North Shore of Lake Superior in Minnesota.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo

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