Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Currently in Ashland OR (Low 47 Sunny Currently )

First an update on the slideout problem; the mobile tech came by late yesterday and worked on the slideout motor. Since he got here late due to his family emergency and he did not have all the tools that he needed he is planning on coming back today. Hopefully this will do it.

We thought about doing a blog entry taking pictures along Bob's walk in the morning but haven't done one yet. We will only do this for walks that are scenic and it will be mostly pictures and a few words. Here is the view when Bob starts out on his 3 mile walk.

The lake comes into view very quickly and stays throughout the walk.

There is a 1/2 mile unpaved loop along the lake.

A bench along the trail where you can sit and enjoy the lake.

View of the lake along the way.

A rock wall that sometimes you see climbers on.

The trail narrows.

The end of this trail, time to turnaround.

View of the lake on the way back.

The campground comes into view.

About ready to get back on pavement in the park.

Walking in the park.

Leaving the park and the lake along the way.

Another lake view along the way.

Turnaround point, can head here just back to the Cameo for the 3 miles.

One of the more scenic walks Bob has been on since fulltiming.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. Sure hope that slide motor gets taken care of today! The views of the lake are just beautiful. Makes walking so much more enjoyable when you have such beautiful scenery. We (as in Jim) are still working on our leaking toilet. Thought we had it fixed but no such luck.

  2. All the views are wonderful. The way you have explained made me to have a walk along with you!