Sunday, June 8, 2014


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Subtitled: Our slideout saga

Jo is a trooper and Bob is lucky to have her!! Let us explain how this correlates to the slideout saga. Bob just put Jo through a day from hell (more on that later), and a number of days with anxiety, due to the slideout problems.

From the start Bob knew about the inherent problem with the dining room slideout on our Cameo, the slideout motor is not firmly mounted allowing it to move around and loosen the bolts. Bob kept a close watch on them and tightened them when needed but it got to a point that the bolts would just spin. That got us through 4 years with no slideout problems. Luckily the bolts could no longer be tightened just as we were doing some remodeling so we had that company put in bigger bolts with loctite. Bob wanted a bracket for support added like our dealer does but this company said that was a bad idea. We were told that loctite was all we needed.

Well it wasn't very long and we had our first slideout problem. Upon inspection the mobile tech found something very interesting, the tap used to expand the holes for the bigger bolts was still in the motor. One less mounting bolt meant more movement and we ended up stripping the gears on the slideout motor. Now there was a question whether we needed a new motor or just a new gear, we ended up with a new motor and gear. Have to give credit to the company that left the tap in the motor as they paid for everything.

After this happened Bob started an internet search and sure enough found a different solution than what our dealer does, adding pillow bearings to the end of the drive shaft and the slideout motor keeping them aligned and cutting down on the motion of the slideout motor. Here is a pillow bearing.

Here is the finished product as done by Paul Weaver of Where's Weaver.

We have the same model Cameo, and all the other postings on the internet indicated the same sized pillow bearings so Bob ordered them and set about to add them. Unfortunately, the access point for the slideout motor area is such that you are working blind and Bob could not get them attached. He would have had to cut the fabric underneath or remove it so he decided it was beyond his capabilities. We had the need for mobile service before we had to move and Bob asked them to put on the pillow bearings and was told it was a bad idea, not needed as it was working fine, and that they would not do it. So off we go until we have this latest problem.

Luckily this mobile tech when showed the pillow bearings agreed it was a good idea and will install them after he puts the motor with the new gear back on. Here is where it gets a little dicey. When we put the bearings on we realized that one of them was too big, 7/8" instead of 5/8". So glad that we did because now we either have to get a smaller pillow bearing, or a bushing that bridges the gap, and we have to do it right away. So first thing one morning Bob ordered the parts for the slideout motor next day air (Friday) so it could be installed sometime this weekend as we plan on leaving Monday.

Finally we get to where Jo is a trooper. Bob researched online before we left and thought it would be simply go to a hardware store and get a bushing. We had other running around to do so Jo went with Bob, besides it involved eating out. We did our other running around and then tried a few hardware stores with no luck, we could order it but it would be anywhere from days to weeks to get it. So we had to have a custom one built. First it was off to a metals place who we thought could cut a 7/8" rod and then machine out the 5/8" ID but they don't do that work anymore. We got the rod and went to a machine shop they recommended but they don't do anything that small. Luckily he knew a guy that built guns and other machining work who agreed to machine the bushing once we got there. Of course he was way out in the country.

Now none of these stops were short in nature and Jo just waited patiently in the truck. By this time it is getting late in the day and our breakfast is fading from memory. We were both so exhausted and frustrated by now that we had frozen entrees back at the park for what turned out to be lupper. Jo is such a good egg that she apologized that she was so tired that day if you can believe that. You would think that leaving a little after 9a and getting back a little before 8p would be ok. She is so traumatized she hasn't been back in the truck since. She says Bob may need a tranquilizer dart to get her back in. :-)

 Yes, Jo is a trooper and Bob is really lucky!!

The mobile tech plans to come today but had a family emergency so we don't know if he will be here today or not.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. What a nightmare you guys are having with your slide out. I've always said that RVing makes you realize how much you really do love each other or it's the end of the marriage. Nothing in between. Sure hope the tech gets out to you so you can leave tomorrow.

  2. Wow, guys! Hope the tech comes so you can be on your way! We "feel" your frustration!

  3. That's the thing with these RV's or is it a thing with getting older??? What should be a simple fix turns into a SAGA!!! Hope all goes well with your repair. As I mentioned in my emails....cutting the underbelly fabric and taping it closed with aluminum furnace tape (NOT duck tape), worked well for me. It has never come loose and is still securely taped closed.

    Again, good luck with the repairs!