Monday, June 16, 2014


Currently in Prospect OR (Low 40 Sunny Currently 48)
Heading to Westfir OR (Sunshine and Clouds High 62) 

We did some more sightseeing yesterday; the Rogue Gorge and the Natural Bridge. Trails to both of these beautiful sites are easy and paved. Here it is upstream from the Rogue Gorge.

Over the falls into the gorge.

A couple of interesting items. First a partially collapsed lava tube in the gorge that looks like a cave.

Here is "The Living Stump". The ground is so hard that the tree roots graft together for nutrients and water. Although this tree was cut the stump still lives from other tree roots.

Our favorite picture of the gorge.

More pictures of the gorge.

Then it was off to the Natural Bridge. After the part of the gorge that we just left the Rogue River disappears into ancient volcanic lava tubes. It is an easy path across, a bridge if you were and a natural bridge for sure. Here is the river upstream from the Natural Bridge.

Here is the river entering the bridge.

Here is the Natural Bridge with a small blow hole evident in the middle. When the water is higher there is a lot more water from the blow hole and when lower there is no evidence of water on the top of the bridge.

Water exiting the bridge.

An interesting feature in this area is called the cave. It is a lava tube but it is blocked off. The stream rushes in and then right back out. It does serve as an example of what the Natural Bridge is.

Here are more pictures of this area.

It was another great day of sightseeing in this area. We saw a lot but there is a lot more to see. This place and RV Park are definitely worth another visit.

Today we head off to Westfir Oregon.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. Safe travels! We MUST investigate that part of the area more! We shall do so! Thanks!

  2. I thought the Rogue River and Natural Bridge area were just awesome. One of my favorite places. Loved the roaring of the water.

  3. So glad you enjoyed the area and the park. I loved your pictures and it makes me want to go back one of these days.