Friday, June 13, 2014


Currently in Prospect OR (Low 42 Rainy High 64) 

We visited Crater Lake National Park yesterday and have a lot of photos of that beautiful lake to go through so thought we would take you on a tour of the RV Park that we are staying at.

We are nestled in the woods at Crater Lake RV Park in Prospect Oregon. Here is JJ looking at his new surroundings. We've told the story before how once we arrive at a new location and JJ has had his lunch he likes to go to the door and all the windows and check out his new digs.

The view looking at the woods from the front of the Cameo.

The road to the left of the Cameo.

The view from the back of the Cameo.

Up close and personal to the trees.

Even with all the trees we asked for a satellite friendly site and they knew exactly where to put us.

This is a very nice park in a great location. The rain may put a little damper on our sightseeing plans for today but they really need the rain around here.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. When we visited Crater Lake it was so cold and there was so much snow we could hardly see the lake so I'm looking forward to your pictures. We had to unhitch in the rain today - it was cold and miserable. First rain we've seen for months and months.

  2. Glad you're enjoying the park. We really liked the forest-y feeling there.

  3. Looks gorgeous. Our timing was horrible when we were in that area. It was early June and non of the roads were open to Crater Lake. Looking forward to your photos.