Thursday, June 5, 2014


Ashland OR (Low 42 Mostly Sunny High 84) 

The good news is that there was a mobile RV tech that was available late yesterday. The bad news is that in running the slideout before and in troubleshooting the teeth on the gears got damaged. Luckily the gear can be changed out and even luckier it is in stock and is supposed to be delivered on Friday and put on this weekend. Fingers crossed it won't impact our travel plans as we "plan" to leave here Monday. 

Since we had the day we decided to drive into Ashland for lunch and get diesel in the truck. We ate at The Wild Goose Cafe and Bar and man was it good. They are known for their oysters so we split an oyster po' boy and an order of oysters and chips. Everything was excellent. Food around here is pretty spectacular. We ate breakfast yesterday at the Morning Glory. Bob got the alaskan red crab omelet with artichokes and Jo got the lemon ricotta stuffed french toast. We highly recommend both of these places.

After getting diesel we headed back to the park to do one of our favorite things, sit outside in the shade and read books. We have to say this is one of the better views we've had doing that.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo

NOTE: had a glitch while typing and this posting was prematurely published, sorry if that messed up your reading lists.



  1. We chose to purchase a rig with no slide outs. While we suffer with less room I have always been a strong believer that the more power things you have the more expensive the cost of ownership becomes. After working many years in the automotive business I have learned to not purchase all the bells and whistles. Sadly there is some loss of convenience...

  2. Fingers crossed that everything gets taken care of this week-end.

  3. It's definitely no fun when things go wrong. Sure hope your slide is fixed easily and quickly so you can leave on Monday.

  4. You seem to have the "good fortune repair fairy" at your beck and call! May all go well on the replacement! Sounds like you are well into "eating your way through Oregon!"

  5. Sounds like you are taking the mechanical problem is stride. Houses need repairs too. We were at Home Depot the other day and were chuckeling about all the repairs we no longer have todeal with.