Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Currently in North Bend OR (Low 51 Times of Clouds and Sun High 66) 

We drove yesterday to North Bend Oregon and the Mill RV Park at the Mill Casino. It was approximately 140 miles, this is the route we took.

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The route was a little more elaborate than that. Bob forgot to check the tire pressure the day before departure and one of the truck tires was a little low so as we were just on the highway the TPMS system went off. We pulled off immediately and checked the monitor to find out which tire. It was a drivers side tire and the shoulder was nonexistent so no room to utilize our Ultimate Air Co2 tank. We drove into town and on the second attempt found a gas station with a compressor. All in all this little diversion cost us 40 minutes.

Once we hit the road it was a very scenic drive, first along the Willamette River and lakes then along the Umqua River. We have to agree with the Weavers that Oregon is one of the prettiest states we have been in and we have the coast to explore the next couple of weeks.

We are at the Mill RV Park, part of the Mill Casino. Here is an image from the web.

Here is our Cameo at the park. 

We do have a bone to pick with RV Parks and that is that they tend to cater more to motor homes. We knew that when we saw the 'ask about FMCA here, Family Motor Coach Association. By catering to motor homes we mean that the pull thrus overlooking the water are designed for a motor home to pull thru and have the front window facing the water. If the hookups were on the other side we could pull through and have our big rear window facing the water. You know life has to be pretty good when we have to find this to complain about :-)

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. We went into the casino while staying there and asked it they had any promotions for new members. They told us they would refund up to we think it was $100 of slot losses in the first 24 hours. After we were all signed up and holding the cards, then they explained that the refund would be mailed to us and only then could we come in and use it.

  2. Oregon really is an incredible state. I'm trying to figure out how we can go there next year. And I know what you mean about the views. Just means you have to sit outside more to enjoy them.

  3. Having a motorhome for the first 4 years of full-timing, we know exactly what you mean. We always had what seemed the best sites. With the fifth wheel not so much.