Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Currently in Westfir OR (Low 42 Rain High 64)

Subtitled: The Curse Has Been Broken (more on that later)

Yesterday we left the very scenic area of Prospect Oregon and headed to Westfir Oregon. It was approximately 125 miles to Westfir and this is the route we took.

It was another very scenic drive first along the Rogue River. Then Mt. Thielsen comes into view (Jo is getting better taking photos while we are traveling).

Not only scenic but adventurous. As we approached the Willamette Pass we first we ran into sleet that bounced off the windshield and hood. Jo tried to get a picture but it just looks like rain. Luckily this did not last long but then we ran into ground fog, what is called Tule Fog in some parts of the country. It was denser than this in spots and Bob had to slow down a little.

We arrived at Casey's Riverside RV Park in Westfir Oregon and it is a nice looking park along the Middle Fork of the Willamette River. We also have good verizon cellphone and 4g strength. Here is an image from the web. 

We are in one of the pull thrus facing the river. Would be a great site for our motorhome readers as this would be the view from your front window taken from our dining room window since it is raining.

With our fifth wheel that is the view as we step out the door. While in Westfir we will be attending the Carriage/Lifestyle Travel Club rally of the Oregon Cascaders chapter. After almost 5 years this will be our first rally. Everytime we tried to go to a rally it seems that medical or mechanical or just change of plans to avoid bad weather interfered. We felt cursed, it feels so good to break the curse. We also need to do some serious shopping as Prospect Oregon is pretty desolate in that regards.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo

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  1. Casey's is a beautiful park. Now that the weather is clearing up, you should have a great time there. Hope they still have the soft serve ice cream machine in the pavilion - that was really good ice cream!