Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Currently in Ashland OR (Low 48 Sunny Currently 54)
Heading to Prospect OR (Mostly Sunny High 80) 

First an update on our slideout situation. The mobile tech had a very dramatic few days which made getting to us even more complicated due to the ever changing family emergency. The great thing about this lifestyle is "Home Is Where You Hook Up", we generally don't have to be anywhere at a set time (there are a few exceptions but generally not), and we have to be parked somewhere. So a couple extra days alongside Emigrant Lake was not so bad.

One bonus of staying a couple extra days is that we finally got a good sunset photo.

Anyway the mobile tech came late yesterday afternoon and finished up the job. He installed the pillow bearings to stabilize everything and we ran the slide in and out a few times. He said it sounded great, just like a brand new one and we agreed it worked fine. If the slideout goes in later this morning we are off to Prospect Oregon and Crater Lake.

Anyway to today's post; we are a multiple GPS household. We have a Good Sam GPS with a nice large screen.

We also have a Garmin truckers GPS we had before we got the Good Sam one. Plus we have GPS on our HTC One M8 smartphones.

When we towed the Cameo into the park on the winding road along the lake we heard turn on to Emigrant Dam Access Road a couple of times. But when we went into town the next day and ran a few errands we needed the GPS to get us back here so we used the smartphone. Unfortunately every twist and turn we heard, veer left to stay on Emigrant Dam Access Road, veer right to stay on Emigrant Dam Access Road, and on and on. Every time it seemed there was more emphasis on the DAM Access Road :-) We joked about this all week.

Wish us luck that our slideout works today and for a long time!

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. Hope you're not planning to stay on another DAM road. ;)

  2. Glad to hear you got those bearing installed. Now if they work as planned everything should be ready to get you out of the DAM park! Good Luck!