Friday, June 14, 2013


Houghton MI (Low 47 Sunny and Pleasant High 67)

Last night we went to the Wal-Mart sneak peek of "Man of Steel" at Rogers Cinema in Houghton.

We had high expectations of this rebooting of the Superman story but then we read some of the early reviews and walked into the theatre with very low expectations. We really liked the 1979 "Superman the Movie" and its 1981 sequel. The Star Trek rebooting with the current cast worked so well and you know our bar was high on that series. While Star Trek worked we were afraid that Superman would not.

The first impression that we got from the reviews is they felt in the reboot that they had to make it darker and edgier and more violent. While it can be argued that Batman is a darker character and that it could be made that way we still preferred the Michael Keaton version of Batman to the current, so much in fact we will not see them after our huge disappointment of "The Dark Knight". So if this was not a rebooting at all but just an attempt to make the story darker that would make this a very long night. 

Because in making the story darker you run the risk of lessening what Superman is and always has been, a selfless hero, a light in the darkness, not darkness in the dark. Well they pulled it off, not to the extent of Star Trek, but an OK movie nonetheless. Lots of action, but too much action. Movie really could have been a half hour shorter and the story was more of a 1 hour TV series length that they drug out with action scenes.

As fans of most everything Superman there were a couple of things they did in the story that made you shake your head. We cannot give much more details because we get into the "No Spoilers" area. 

In summary, we were afraid that this Superman rebooting would do for us what "Twilight" did for vampire movies, that was the first vampire movie we did not like and now we approach all things vampire with wariness. But we liked "The Man of Steel" although it is difficult to give a ringing endorsement of because of the violence, darkness, and questionable story items.

Just another day enjoying the great life, and for the most part this movie!

Till next time,

Bob and Jo

Just another day enjoying the great life we are so blessed to have!!
Till next time,

Bob and Jo


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  1. We see so few movies and maybe this won't even make our list.