Saturday, June 15, 2013


Houghton MI (Low 47 Mostly Cloudy with Showers High 70)

Although we are spending 3 months at the same park we have to move a couple of times. They changed the early reservation period on us and notified us via post card so we were later than we would have liked making our reservation. Luckily we were able to get the 3 months that we wanted, but just not the same site.

Here is our new site, #19, shorter than our current site but doable. We also don't have the trees between sites like we did before.

The advantage of this site is that we are actually closer to the water, and we are still at this great park in this great area. Here is the view from our area overlooking the lake towards the bridge.

The other way.

Whether moving 11 sites or 111 miles you still have to do the same prep work and the same setup once you get there. But with this view and area it is worth it.

Here we are all setup.


Just another day enjoying the great life we are so blessed to have!!

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. It is a pain to have to move but in order to stay in the same park where you want to be,that's okay.

  2. I just love that patio with the picnic table. Excellent.

  3. Super site. I see you are a member of the Carriage Club, saw a post on their site. We are also. We are now in Ishpeming. Not sure how long we will be here. Waiting for a new convection/microwave. Ordered Thursday and it will be 7-10 days shipping. Our next stop was to be Houghton City Park. Can't make a reservation as we don't know just when we will be out of here. Is the park full?
    Bob and Linda