Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Houghton MI (Low 59 Sunny Then Afternoon Storms High 77)

A day in the life of temporary Yoopers living full-time in their RV.

We thought we would share a fairly typical day of our summer living on the Upper Peninsula, people that live here are called Yoopers.

Bob gets up before Jo and does some computer work with email and blogs and then goes for a 2 mile walk along the waterfront.

By the time he gets back Jo is up after a rough night of sleeping. We head to the Kaleva Cafe across the river in Hancock for breakfast and a new favorite, the raspberry french toast. Jo got the 3 piece french toast and bacon and Bob gets the Big Breakfast with eggs, bacon, hashbrowns, and 2 pieces of french toast. There is leftover big breakfast and 2 pieces of french toast for a future meal.

We walk down to a barber shop so Bob can get a haircut. Jo sits and waits for awhile but she said she felt like an alien, that maybe she was the first woman to ever set foot in there. She decides to go back to the truck and make a few phone calls and play with her smartphone. After a lengthy wait Bob gets a great haircut and beard trim for $9, gotta love small towns, eh.

Next on our itinerary for the day is a scenic drive along the Portage River to Maclain State Park which sits at the end of the Portage River right on Lake Superior. By now it is getting warmer but right next to the world's largest air conditioner we are comfortable. In the shade and with a breeze it is a little chilly but we are NOT complaining. It is a nice park with a beach. Notice the fog in the distance.

Besides the beach there is the Keweenaw Waterway Upper Entrance Lighthouse, here shown from a distance.

You can drive closer and walk to the beach to get great views.

We spent time just walking the beach, enjoying the view and the trails but by now it is lunch time so we head to 4 Suns Fish & Chips right next to Peterson's Fish Market where you can buy great fresh or smoked fish. We split a fish taco, fish & chips, and smoked fish chowder. It was all pretty good.

It was amazing the temperature change from being right by Lake Superior to being further inland. With temperatures in the mid 80s we decided to head back to the RV Park and sit outside and read in the shade along the waterfront.

We read and Bob did his outside prep work for our move to Site #6 tomorrow until supper time where we had hot dogs and pea salad for supper. While sitting and watching television there is a knock on the door and Bob from Bob and Linda's RV Travels invites us to their rig. We read each others blogs and they have a Carri-Lite also built by Carriage. They recently had some work done like slide adjustments and a new residential refrigerator so we talked about that and swapped stories until after 11p, which is late for this Bob.

A fantastic day of great food, scenery, relaxation and new friends. This is such a great life!

Till next time,

Bob and Jo